Missing Cash, Missing Suspects: The Great Plymouth Mail Truck Robbery

Image of a newspaper headline reading "US Mail Truck Robbed By Gang: Loot May Reach $2 Million"
A newspaper from Fitchburg reporting on the crime

In the summer of 1962 on a Tuesday evening in Plymouth, Patrick Schena, a postal driver watched as a vehicle speed past him en route to Boston. Two police officers soon stopped Schena and his driving companion, the truck’s guard, William F. Barret, on Route 3 North. Other drivers passed on by, following the direction of the police officers providing traffic control. The officers then tied the two men up and overtook their mail truck. The police officers, as it  turned out, were to not the police, but rather thieves in disguise. Furthermore, the mail truck wasn’t carrying the standard fare of postcards sent by visitors to Cape, but instead $1.5 million in small bills to be transferred to the Federal Reserve in Boston – about $12.3 million in 2018. The postal driver and the truck’s guard were later found tied up and abandoned in Randolph off of Route 128.

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Who was the Lady of the Dunes?

ptown (2)
The view of Provincetown from the Pilgrim Monument

She was 5’4. Her hair was a reddish-brown that she wore in a ponytail. She painted her toenails. She had well maintained teeth, some of which had been pulled out. A blue bandana had been found next to her nude body. She was murdered. That’s all we know.

The Provincetown Jane Doe, or the “Lady of the Dunes,” is perhaps one of Massachusetts’ most haunting cold cases.

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